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Making WISE decisions about any matter in life is often very difficult. There are many competing factors which pull the decision maker back and forth. Sometimes it is the tug of heart strings. Sometimes it is the influences of others. And yet other times it is the pressure of time in which a decision must be made. So how can these competing dynamics be managed.


SECRET LEGAL WISDOM WILL PROVIDE YOU THE EXPERIENCE OF A RETIRED JUDGE WITH 40 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. Judge Ahalt has been in the courtroom for thousands of cases- many small, many big and controversial. He knows the traps and the pitfalls because he has been a part of it for 40 years. He has experienced it all as a lawyer and judge. He knows how to make good decisions. Read the articles that are posted. Sign up for the newsletter and you will be able to tap into the secrets of legal wisdom.

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As with every decision in life wisdom is key. And just what is this elusive concept – wisdom – all about. How is it that some make wise decisions while others make unwise decisions?......more....



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