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     Secrets to Winning Your Case in Court               
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          By Judge Arthur M. Monty Ahalt (ret.)∗


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  • 1 - Introduction
    Secrets to Winning Your Case in Court is a book directed at an individual who has a case in court or is contemplating a case in court. It is written for the lay individual as well as the novice legal professional. And since no one walks into a courtroom unconcerned about winning and losing, this book is written to equip the litigant with the tools needed to bring a case to a successful conclusion. Even if you are engaging a lawyer you need to know as much about the process as is feasible.
  • 2 - Success
    This chapter will equip you to: · Identify the elements of success · Identify the barriers to success · Determine when to proceed pro se or retain counsel · Proceed with confidence in order to win your case
  • 3 - Persuasion
    There are two critical elements in the successful presentation of any case in court. The first has to do with the substance of the argument and the claim; does the evidence support the argument and is the claimant entitled to what he is seeking? These are the nuts and bolts of your case and much of the rest of this book will focus on these things to equip you to manage your case through the legal system to a successful outcome. But, the second element – persuasion – is at least as important as the first, and while we will spend the rest of this chapter discussing what it is and isn’t, you won’t hear one word about where to find more of it.
  • 4 - Order of Proceedings
    This chapter is a quick flyover summary of the legal landscape and will acquaint you with our judicial system. Many of the elements touched on in this section will be revisited in subsequent chapters in more detail, while others are included to help give you a better hands-on grasp of the law and your place in it. This chapter will equip you to: · Understand the judicial branch of government · Learn what different legal terminology really means · Learn the proper way to proceed – there is an A to Z framework to follow
  • 5 - Preparation for Trial
    This chapter will equip you to: · Determine what you want the Court to do for you and how you want the Court to do it. · Learn how to determine what’s important and what’s not and then gather the important information. · Begin preparing your case in a step-by-step way following Court rules and procedures. · Understand the basics of the Rules of Evidence
  • 6 - Discover The Territory
    This chapter will equip you to: • Familiarize yourself with the Courtroom, who sits where • Knowing when to speak and to whom – courtroom etiquette • Organize a concise and complete portable notebook for all your case information • Prepare witness testimony outline • Prepare exhibits for court
  • 7 - Alternatives to Trial
    This chapter will equip you to: • Understand the different ways of winning your case short of the courtroom • Use ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) to your advantage • Know and understand the Ten Commandments of Settlement • Negotiate and come out on top


∗   Paul Wieland assisted in the research and writing of substantial portions of this book.